School Life/Support Various Procedures

Various procedures

School staff will take the lead in supporting various procedures such as resident registration, residence card issuance, insurance enrollment, and opening a bank account after you enter Japan.

About insurance

[National Health Insurance]
All international students who stay in Japan for more than three months are required to join
the National Health Insurance. By enrolling in the National Health Insurance, medical expenses will be borne by 30%. The enrollment procedure will be carried out at the municipal office.
[International Student Insurance]
I am enrolled in the international student insurance of the Japanese language school cooperative. During the period of study abroad, when you go to a hospital due to illness or injury, you will be paid by international student insurance for medical expenses that you will pay for your own expenses, other than the costs provided by the National Health Insurance.
[National Pension]
All international students over the age of 20 must join the National Pension Plan. The enrollment procedure is carried out at the city hall where the resident registration is registered. If you are not a member of the National Pension System, you will not be le500 from receiving a pension when you become a person with a disability or die.

About the hospital

[Hospital lead]
If you become sick or are injured and have to go to the hospital, your life guidance and interpreter will lead you to the hospital. After seeing a doctor, I will interpret the contents of the diagnosis and treatment.

Opening a bank account

[Opening an account]
We will accompany you to your bank to help you with the paperwork and procedures for opening a bank account.
We will also provide guidance on bank opening hours and how to use ATMs.