School Life/Support Examples! Failures and Learning in Japan

Illustration! Failures and Learning in Japan

From Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Nepal, and many other countries,
There are a lot of students who come to Japan to study.
How did you overcome the hateful corona? What kind of consultation did the school take and how did you respond?
I will introduce it with an example.

October 2019

From Vietnam
Mr. Kim Fong

It was when I was in trouble that I helped
It was an important classmate and Earth.

  • Hello, Mr. Kimfon. Today, I would like to come to Earth College of Foreign Languages and interview you about what kind of study abroad life you are living! How is your study abroad life in Japan? What kind of Japanese language school is Earth Foreign Language College?

  • Hello!
    Is it about your study abroad life at Earth Foreign Language Academy?
    A lot of things come to mind, but (laughs) there’s one thing I’ll never forget.

  • It’s true isn’t it. What would it be like?

  • It was about seven months after I came to Japan, but when I was going to school by bicycle from my part-time job, I was seriously injured in a car contact accident. At the time of the accident, my friend was nearby, so it was encouraging to encourage me, but my friends and I didn’t know what to do.
    I contacted the school right away.

  • That’s great! I was able to get in touch with the school right away without panicking!

  • The school told me to contact the school as soon as there was any trouble or problem.

    I vividly remember how scared I was when I was taken to the hospital by ambulance.
    It was very painful because I was injured, I didn’t know what kind of injury I was doing, and most of all, I was very scared that I didn’t know what was going to happen in the future.
    I also wondered if I would have to give up my dream and go back to Vietnam.

    At that time, the teachers of the school came to the hospital at once.
    When I met the teachers at the hospital, I was relieved and remembered that my whole body was lost and tears fell.

    I was really scared and I was happy that the teacher came.

  • It was scary, wasn’t it?
    If you get injured or sick in Japan, you will not be able to understand the language and you will feel uneasy.
    What happened after that?

  • After that, the teacher also attended and listened to the explanation of the injury and the treatment in the future from the doctor, and explained it to me in detail.
    He also explained the accident to the police, contacted the insurance company, contacted his part-time job, and adjusted his rehabilitation destination, helping me with things that I couldn’t solve by myself.

  • Let’s see. It is very difficult to explain the situation of the accident to the police and the explanation from the doctor at the hospital, so it would be encouraging if the teacher of the school helped.
    Didn’t you take school classes because you were injured?

  • That’s right. I had to have surgery and I had to go to rehab. Unfortunately, I had to take a week off from class because of that.

    But the school went out of its way to supplement me for free because I couldn’t go to school because of an accident! He also gave me specific advice on how to go to the hospital to recover from my injury and how I could live my school life without any financial problems.

  • Huh!!!
    Did the school offer a free supplementary lecture? That’s a class for KimFong alone, isn’t it? I’m surprised!!

    If you get injured, you can’t work part-time, and I don’t think there are many schools that give you specific advice on how to live your life.

    Finally, what did you feel after this experience? Do you have any messages for international students coming to Japan?

  • Earth told me not to give up my dream because I was injured in an accident and was about to give up my dream.

    If you are coming to Japan from now on, unexpected events will happen in Japan.
    There are good things and bad things.
    Earth cares about us at all times and puts a lot of effort into achieving our dreams and goals.

    Everyone, imagine yourself coming to Earth and studying!
    By all means, please come to Earth!
    And no matter what happens, don’t give up on your dreams!
    If you don’t give up, Earth will help you make your dreams come true at all times!!!

[My failure]
  • When crossing the intersection by bicycle, my friend who was running in front of me crossed the intersection, so I crossed the intersection without looking left or right, and I had an accident. I had a fracture and my body hurt, but life after the accident changes, so it’s important to live with safety first.
  • The most important thing in living in a foreign country is to be healthy.
    If you are not healthy, you will not be able to achieve your dreams and goals.
    At the same time, even if you make a mistake, you can achieve your dreams and goals if you don’t give up!!!

April 2019

From Vietnam
Mr. Mann.

Earth showed us the possibilities of various career paths.

  • Hello, Man.

  • Hello! (In a very loud voice!) )

  • Mann-san, you’re doing well! I was surprised that the voice of the greeting was so loud (laughs)
    I would like to interview such a cheerful man because I would like to give him some advice for international students who are coming to Japan in the future!!!

  • Is this an interview? That makes me nervous (laughs)

  • Then, Mr. Man, it is a question immediately.
    When Mr. Mann came to Japan, what kind of goals did you come to Japan with?

  • Actually, when I came to Japan, I didn’t have any specific goals.
    I had a vague idea that I would be able to work in Japan, save money, and go back to Vietnam in the future.

  • It’s true isn’t it. You had no specific goals.
    If you didn’t have a dream or a goal, you wouldn’t have been able to study Japanese.

  • Yes. When I first came to Japan, I was motivated to do new things and it was fun to study. But I didn’t know what I want to do in the future by studying Japanese, so it’s getting harder and harder to study.

  • What happened then?
    Were you able to find Mann’s path?

  • Yes. I was able to find it!!!
    The teachers were aware that I didn’t have a clear dream or goal, and they gave me a lot of suggestions. I want to work rather quickly, so he taught me about various vocational schools and specific skills that many people are interested in.

    At Earth, experienced teachers and life instructors of former international students will teach you many things. Because the connection with the vocational school and the university is strong, a lot of information gathers.

    From among the various information, I was able to have a specific goal of going to a vocational school to study IT and get involved in the IT business in Japan.
    I knew it wasn’t going to be easy and it would be a big challenge for me. The teacher also gave me sometimes harsh advice.
    I have friends in other Japanese language schools, but when I talk about Earth and me, I’m surprised that Earth becomes friendly and takes the time to think about his career path and give me advice.

  • Man, you were able to decide a clear course!
    How do you feel now?

  • Let’s see…
    I thought I came to Earth to study Japanese, but now I think I’m learning about my future and life. Up to this place, I was quite worried (laughs)
    However, the teachers, the staff, and the neighbors taught me many things, and I was able to live a wonderful study abroad life.

  • Is that right!
    Mann-san, you’re kind of full of confidence! That’s why greetings are so healthy!

    So finally, after this experience, what did You feel? Do you have any messages for international students coming to Japan?

  • Is it a message, it is difficult?
    You say it like talking to yourself before you come to Japan.

    What kind of dreams and goals do you have in Japan? Do you want to go to university and get a job in Japan? Do you want to go back to your home country and become a Japanese teacher?

    If you have a clear dream or goal, it’s great!
    Try to develop a medium- to long-term action plan to see what you need to do to make it happen.

    If you don’t have a specific goal like me, please come to Earth.
    There is definitely your future here. There are teachers, staff, and friends who face you. Be sure to find your path, so don’t run away even if you have a hard time.

    In order for you to come to Japan and achieve your dreams and goals, you have to realize that you have to go through several barriers.
    No matter where you are in Japan or Vietnam or around the world, it is important to understand how to move forward with your dreams and goals, and what kind of awareness you need to take concrete action toward them in order to realize your dreams and goals.

    Earth is now an important life page for me.
    Why don’t you come to Earth and take on the challenge of opening up a new life!!!

[My failure]
  • I should have studied Japanese more while I was in Vietnam.
  • I should have set a specific dream and goal early.
  • No matter where you are in the world, it’s important to have specific dreams and goals.
  • Acting first leads to progress and change of something.