Staff Introduction Chihiro Hayakawa

Japanese language class

Chihiro Hayakawa

Studying abroad for me

Thank you for looking at my page!
When I was studying in China. Of course, I don’t know how to shop, how to count money, or the rules for riding a bus. Even if I wanted to ask the teacher, I didn’t have the courage to do it, so I saw other people and learned it myself. It was very heart-hearted. I felt that the distance with the teacher was far away.

As a Japanese language teacher

When I started as a Japanese teacher, there were many things I didn’t understand, and I was worried every day. But at that time, I had people around me who consulted me and people who thought with me. It was very encouraging and reassuring. When the distance of the heart with the person who should be relied on was near, everything went in a good direction.
When you come to Japan, I want to be like that to you. International students come to Japan from their home countries with their dreams in mind. However, there are many international students who regret choosing a school.

From Earth to the World

Earth is still a new school. However, the team strength of the staff and the feeling of feeling for the students are no less than any traditional school.
We are also when you are troubled. Also, when we fail, we always cuddle up and support our dreams.
Let’s fly to the world with Earth. And let’s draw your own color in life.