Admissions Guide Flow to Admission

The flow to the entrance

At Earth College of Foreign Languages, you can choose between april admission and October admission.
We have prepared a two-year course in April that aims to go on to higher education in April, and a October entrance course that aims to go on to higher education in a short period of one and a half years.
Please refer to the flow from application to actual admission below.

  • April Admissions

    October Admissions

  • October (number)

    Application for admission and screening of documents and interviews

    April (japan)

  • November (number)

    Preparation and acceptance of application documents for successful applicants

    May (U.S.A.)

  • December

    Submit documents to the Immigration Bureau

    June (japan)

  • February (japan)

    Announcement of the results of the immigration office’s examination
    • A Certificate of Eligibility will be issued. We will issue an invoice from the school.

    August (japan)

  • March (japan)

    Payment of tuition fees / Visa application at Japanese embassy or consulate
    • After confirming the deposit, you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility and a Certificate of Admission.

    September (japan)

  • April (japan)

    Coming to Japan and Entering Japan (Placement Test/Orientation)

    October (number)

Support from entry to admission

At Earth College of Foreign Languages, students come to Japan with peace of mind.
We support you from entry to admission.

  1. Entry
    Please come to Kansai International Airport, which is closest to your school.
  2. Airport meeting
    The staff will pick you up at the airport.
  3. Transfer
    Staff will pick you up from the airport to the dormitory near the school.
  4. Dormitory
    We will teach you how to use household appliances and other equipment, as well as how to use electricity, gas, and water.
  5. Resident registration
    Registration procedures for residents at city office, procedures for national insurance,
    We support the bank account opening procedure, etc.
  6. Going to school and shopping
    We will teach you the route to school and the traffic rules.
    We will also accompany you to and teach you how to shop at the supermarket.
Qualifications for application
  1. A person who has completed 12 years of second school education in his/her home country or foreign country through normal processes.
  2. There is a person who surely bears the tuition and living expenses necessary for studying in Japan, and who can prove the asset formation process of the person with a document such as a passbook.
  3. Students who have taken more than 150 hours of Japanese or have At least N5 Japanese proficiency test
How to make a selection
  1. Document screening
  2. Interviews (conducted as needed)
  3. Written examination (conducted if necessary)
Click here for the application submission link.


  • Submissions must be submitted within three months of publication.
  • Applicants and those who are paying expenses must state their information.
  • Please let us know at the time of application for the certificate you wish to return.
  • Please submit a Japanese translation.