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About the School


We will support students to ensure that they can understand the differences in culture, customs, and spiritual climate between Japan and their home countries through learning the Japanese language in our school. We will also offer guidance to students to prepare for transition to universities, postgraduate schools, and technical schools to help them make their dreams come true with the knowledge and skills they learn in higher education. We also aim to cultivate human resources that can act as bridges between their home countries and Japan.

Educational goals

  1. To attract ambitious students and teach them advanced Japanese language skills sufficient for them to study at universities, postgraduate schools, and technical schools and achieve the target of passing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test with high scores.
  2. To teach students not only the Japanese language to a standard for transition to higher education, but also practical Japanese skills that are useful for their life in Japan.
  3. To give students guidance to ensure that they can understand Japanese culture, customs, and way of thinking through their life in Japan, and can take a wide perspective and be open-minded in their perceptions.

About Us

Name Earth Foreign Language School
Founding April,2019
Phone Number +81-72-340-3275
FAX Number +81-72-340-3276
Whatsapp +818037166342
MAIL Address
Address 2274-4 Kanaoka-cho,Kita-ku,Sakai-shi,Osaka-fu 591-8022
Installed Company Beat Co., Ltd.



2274-4 Kanaoka-cho,Kita-ku,Sakai-shi,Osaka-fu 591-8022

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[Nankai Electric Railway]
About 15 minutes on foot from Shirasegu Station on Takano Line
About 20 minutes on foot from Midorigoro Station on Takano Line

[Osaka Metro]
About 20 minutes on foot from the station Mamoruji Line Namamosu
About 25 minutes on foot from Shinaganeoka station on Midosuji Line

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