School Life/Support Class Scene/Various Events

Scene of the class

Earth provides Japanese language education that is faithful to the basics.
You may feel that there is no difference in the content of the class with other schools.
However, because Earth organizes classes with a small number of students, the number of students per teacher is small compared to other schools.

Social tour

Taking advantage of the characteristics of the school in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, I visit USJ and Kyoto for a social tour.
At the same time as learning Ichii’s Japanese, you will learn how to make the most of Japanese as a foreigner by feeling the behavior and customs of the Japanese people.
In addition, we also have BBQ parties for the entire school!

Entrance ceremony

The entrance ceremony will be the first solemn ceremony for students to come to Japan.
There will be face-to-face meetings with school staff and classmates, which will officially be the start of school life in Japan.