Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As a company that runs a comprehensive human resources service business and a Japanese language school for foreigners, we recognize the importance of protecting personal information, and consider obtaining trust and peace of mind from society and business partners as an important asset in future business activities in our efforts to ensure the protection of personal information. In order to comply with laws, regulations, and other standards concerning the protection of personal information, and to handle personal information more strictly, the Company has established the following policies, disseminates them to officers and employees, and ensures thoroughness.

  1. When handling personal information, the Company acquires, uses, and provides personal information only to the extent necessary for general human resources service business, Japanese language school for foreigners, employment of employees, and personnel management.
    In addition, we will manage personal information beyond the scope of obtaining consent from the person in question so that it is not used or provided for purposes other than the purpose.
  2. The Company will comply with laws and regulations concerning personal information, guidelines established by the government, and other standards.
  3. We will take reasonable safety measures and corrective measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of personal information.
  4. The Company shall appoint a person in charge of the management of personal information, give responsibility and authority for the implementation and operation of the personal information protection management system, and manage it appropriately.
  5. We will continuously improve our personal information protection management system through education, operation, auditing, review, etc.
  6. The Company will respond within two weeks by establishing a contact point for inquiries about personal information, such as notification of the purpose of use of personal information, disclosure of personal information, correction of content, addition or deletion, erasure, suspension of use and suspension of the use and suspension of the offer to third parties, and other complaints and consultations.

Established: April 1, 2015
Last revised: September 1, 2018

Beat Co., Ltd.
Kenichi Shiragami, President and CHIEF Executive Officer

Public disclosure of personal information

Name of business operator, name of manager, job title, affiliation, and contact information
Beat Co., Ltd. Personal Information Protection Manager: Yasuo Eguchi

Number: 06-7688-5288
Purpose of Use
Personal information acquired by Beat Co., Ltd. (hereafter “the Company”) will be used only for the following purposes:
Personal information subject to disclosure
  1. Personal information of the dispatch staff
    Contact, reception, and selection for registration procedures
    Selection of applicants for registration decision, etc.
    Personnel and labor management business after registration, dispatch management
    Inquiring into skills and qualifications to the dispatching destination, etc., and carrying out similar business
  2. Personal information of recruiters
    Contact and reception for registration procedures
    Matching work, notifying companies to be introduced based on the Employment Security Act, etc.
    Execution of employment-related business and similar business
  3. Personal information obtained on the job site
    Providing services to users
    Disclosure of information to companies, etc. based on the intention of the user
    Contact the interviewee in the delivery of announcements, questionnaires (including some advertisements), article creation, etc.
    Answers to inquiries, etc.
  4. Personal information acquired in Japanese language classes for foreigners
    Sending materials and contacting you
    Application for Admission Screening and Visa Grant
    Sharing information within the scope of work at Earth College of Foreign Languages
    Other purposes related to the above
    Answers to inquiries, etc.
  5. Personal information received by inquiries such as requests for quotations
    Personal information obtained in inquiries will be used to respond to inquiries.
  6. Personal information about those who wish to be selected for employment by the Company
    It will be used to respond to procedures and inquiries related to recruitment screening.
  7. Personal information related to employees (however, personnel evaluations of employees are not subject to disclosure, etc.) )
    It is used for business necessary procedures such as human resources management, payroll management, insurance management, etc.
  8. Personal information acquired under the My Number System
    Preparation of withholding tax forms for payroll income and retirement income
    Employment insurance notification
    Health Insurance and Employees’ Pension Insurance Notification
    In addition, administrative procedures stipulated by law in the fields of social security, tax, and disaster countermeasures
Disclosure of personal information, etc.
For information on the purpose of use of personal information, disclosure of personal information, correction of content, addition or deletion, erasure, suspension of use, or suspension of the use of personal information, please contact [Contact Us].
We will send you an invoice for opening personal information, etc., so please attach the necessary documents and mail it to the counter.
In the case of a request for disclosure of personal information, etc., (1) notification of the purpose of use, and (2) a request for disclosure of personal information, a fee of 800 yen (excluding tax) will be charged for each request.
The fee must be paid by cash registered mail. Please bear the postage to our company by the request. Please note that if the fee is insufficient or the fee is not enclosed, we will not be able to respond to notification of the purpose of use or disclosure
of personal information.
About the identification document
When requesting disclosure of personal information, etc., please send us an invoice for disclosure of personal information, etc., as well as one of the following documents to verify your identity. If your domicile is listed, please send the documents in black.
In the case of disclosure of individual numbers and specific personal information, we will confirm the identity and agent confirmation method based on laws and regulations and guidelines established by the government.
  1. When the person in question requests it
    A copy of the driver’s license, passport, resident’s table, etc. that can confirm the identity of the person
  2. Requested by a delegate
    If the agent is going through the procedure, please send one of the following documents in addition to the “Personal Information Disclosure Invoice” and (1) above.
    A copy of what can be confirmed by the agent’s driver’s license, passport, resident card, etc.
    If the agent is a lawyer, documents that show the registration number
    A power of attorney to indicate a proxy
Name of authorized personal information protection organization and address for resolution of complaints
The name of the authorized personal information protection organization: Japan Information Economy and Society Promotion Association Contact: Personal Information Protection Complaint Consultation Office Address: Tokyo Minato-ku Roppongi 1-chome No. 9 No. 9 Roppongi First Building

Tel: 03-5860-7565 / 0120-700-779
This is not a contact for inquiries about our products and services.
Contact us
Tel: 06-7688-5288
Address: 530-0001 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka 1-1-3 Osaka Station 3rd Building 6F
Person in charge: Yasuo Eguchi, Sales Headquarters