Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy.

As a company that operates an integrated human resources services business and a Japanese language school for foreigners, we recognize the importance of personal information protection and believe that gaining the trust and protection of social and business partners in ensuring personal information protection activities is an important asset in future business activities. In order to comply with laws, regulations, and other regulations regarding the protection of personal information and to handle personal information more strictly, the Company has established the following policies, informs managers and employees, and strives to ensure its comprehensiveness.

  1. When processing personal information, we only obtain, use and provide personal information in the areas of integrated human resources services, foreign Japanese schools, employee recruitment and human resources management.
    In addition, we manage personal information to ensure that it does not go beyond the purposes of personal consent.
  2. We comply with laws, national guidelines and other regulations relating to personal information.
  3. We will take reasonable security measures and corrective actions to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, alteration or disclosure of personal information.
  4. The Company appoints the person responsible for the management of personal information, gives him and her responsibility and authority to implement and operate the personal information protection management system, and properly manages personal information.
  5. Our personal information protection management system is continuously improved through education, operations, auditing and review.
  6. Within two weeks, the Company will establish contact points for personal information inquiries, including notifying you of the purpose for which personal information is used, disclosing personal information, correcting content, adding or deleting content, discontinuing use, discontinuing the provision of personal information to third parties, and other complaints and inquiries.

Established: April 1, 2015.
Last revised: September 1, 2018.

Beats Co., Ltd.
Kenyo Shida, President and CEO.

Public matters relating to personal information.

Business name, manager name or job title, affiliation, and contact information.
Personal Information Protection Manager: Yazi
Jiangkou Contact: 06-7688-5288 Purpose
Beat Inc. Personal information obtained (the “Company”) will be used for the following purposes.
Personal information to be disclosed.
  1. Personal information of temporary staff.
    Contact, reception and selection registration procedures.
    Applicants screen business, such as registration pass/fail judgment.
    After registration of human resources and labor management business, dispatch management business.
    Ask the dispatching place about skills, qualifications, etc., and conduct business in accordance with these standards.
  2. Recruit registrar’s personal information.
    Contact and accept the registration process.
    Job matching, notification of recommended companies under the Occupational Safety Act, etc.
    Work related to job introductions and perform business related to job introductions.
  3. Personal information obtained on the recruitment website.
    Provide services to users.
    Disclosure of information to the user, etc., as the user wishes.
    Contact the interviewee when posting announcements, surveys (including some ads), and writing articles.
    Answer queries, etc.
  4. Personal information obtained in a foreigner’s Japanese class.
    Send and contact materials.
    Prepare admission review and visa application documents.
    Share information within the scope of work of the Earth Language Institute.
    Other purposes related to the above purposes.
    Answer queries, etc.
  5. Personal information entrusted through inquiries such as RFQs.
    Personal information obtained through inquiries will be used to answer your inquiry.
  6. Personal information about people who wish to be hired by the company.
    It is used in procedures related to recruitment selection and answers your inquiries.
  7. Personal information related to employees (however, we do not meet the disclosure criteria for personnel assessment of employees). )
    Procedures required for human resources management, payroll management, insurance management, etc.
  8. Personal information obtained through my number system.
    Preparation of withholding tax forms for wage income and retirement income.
    Employment Insurance Notification Office.
    Office of Health Insurance and Benefit Pension Insurance Reporting.
    Administrative procedures established by law in the areas of social security, taxation and disaster response.
Disclosure of personal information, etc.
For information about the purpose of using personal information, disclosure of personal information, correction of content, addition or deletion, deletion, suspension of use or cessation of the provision of personal information to third parties, please contact us.
We will send you personal information to invoice, so please attach the necessary documents and mail them to the counter.
About the cost.
In requests such as requests for disclosure of personal information, (1) notification of the purpose of use, (2) disclosure of personal information is required, and a fee of 800 yen (excluding tax) will be charged for each request. The handling fee must be paid by cash mark. Please bear the freight charged to us by the claimant.
Please note that if the fee is insufficient or the fee is not attached, we will not be able to respond to notices or disclosures of personal information for the purpose of use.
About ID cards.
When requesting disclosure of personal information, please send one of the following documents to confirm your identity and “Personal Information Disclosure Invoice”. Also, if the registration location is listed, blacken and send the file.
In addition, when disclosing personal numbers and certain personal information, we will confirm them through the identification method of individuals and agents, in accordance with laws, regulations and national guidelines.
  1. When I file a claim.
    A copy of your driver’s license, passport, resident form, etc. can be verified.
  2. When the agent files a claim.
    If your agent is going through the formalities, please send one of the following documents, as well as the personal information disclosure invoice and the above (1).
    A copy of the agent’s driver’s license, passport, residence permit, etc. can be confirmed.
    If the agent is a lawyer, provide a document for the registration number.
    Represents the agent’s power of attorney.
Authorize the name of the personal information protection organization and the party to resolve the complaint.
Certified Personal Information Protection Organization Name: Japan Association for the Promotion of Information Economy and Society Complaint Resolution Address: Personal Information Protection Complaints Advisory Office

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Phone: 06-7688-5288.
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