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School Life

School calendar

April Entry ceremony(for students enrolled in April),Orientation
May Field trip
July Star festival
August Summer vacation
September Cultural festival, Autumn vacation
October Entry ceremony (for students enrolled in October), Orientation, Field trip
December Rice-cake pounding event, Winter vacation
February Bean-scattering event on Setsubun
March Exchange meeting, Spring vacation

Exchange with local Japanese people

We organize the following events to facilitate exchanges between the students and local Japanese people, which will give them opportunities to learn practical Japanese:

  • International exchange cultural festival
  • International cooking eventり
  • Salon for exchanges with Japanese volunteers

Educational and career guidance

We survey the desired career paths of students after entry and give them meticulous career guidance based on the results through the supply of information on the schools of their choice and examination of the likelihood of their being accepted. The following measures are taken to maximize the likelihood of being accepted into the schools of their choice:

  • Curriculum designed for different levels
  • Display and supply of college brochures and other materials on higher education and guidance on searches of university information on the Internet
  • Classes to prepare for entrance exams including lessons for Examination for Japanese University Admission, the study of writing essays, and guidance on interviews
  • Preparation of a record of each student and consultation on narrowing down the schools of their choice

Lifestyle guidance

Our teachers and staff in charge of lifestyle guidance will give students guidance on daily life issues, such as Japanese customs, houses, communication with Japanese people in the neighborhood, shopping, and part-time work, through orientations and daily counseling services to ensure that they can adapt to life in Japan.

Part-time work

With permission from a regional immigration bureau, students may work part-time up to 28 hours a week, as long as it does not interfere with their studies.

Examples of various student life

A pattern to work part-time in the afternoon after receiving the 4th class lesson in the morning

  • 7:00breakfast

    Free Time

    It’s better to eat a proper breakfast focus on what’s in front of your lesson!
    Please take enough time to prepare for it.
  • 9:00



    4 classes/day (45 miniutes×4)
    take a 10 minutes break between classes (10 miniutes×3)
    Let’s have fun learning Japanese !
  • 13:00lunch

    Free Time

    It’s free time after class. Set a goal and work at it based on your plan. It’s important to clearly separate study, work and private life.


    part time job





Pattern to take part-time job in the morning and take class from the afternoon

  • 6:00breakfast

    Free Time

    Lesson start at 1p.m, I make good use of my spare time to study Japanese in the morning. Learning Japanese while doing to part time job.


    part time job


  • 13:00


    4 classes/day (45 miniutes×4)
    Let’s take a 10 minutes break between classes (10 miniutes×3)
    Let’s start studying according to the plan we have built.


  • 18:00dinner

    It’s free time after class.Let’s study Japanese with your friedns at schooI. It’s important to balance work and play.




National health insurance

All international students enrolled in our school are required to join the national health insurance scheme. The members of the insurance scheme pay only 30% of medical costs.


We have a dormitory for students near the school.

Futon, electric products, furniture and everything necessary for daily life are available.You can live from the day you enter Japan.It takes about 10 minutes from the student dormitory to the school by bicycle. Easy to access supermarket and station.


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