School Introduction Principal’s Message/Philosophy/Overview/History

Principal’s Message/Philosophy/Overview/History

Message from the Principal

Principal, Earth Institute of Foreign Languages
Yasuko Obata

The Future through Earth’s School of Foreign Languages
Why don’t you cut it open?

Our Japanese language school is still a new school and there are not many seniors, but the few seniors are learning for a better future by expanding their own potential with the enthusiasm that they are going to make this new school tradition.
Japan is a small country with few resources, but education is one of the factors that has developed economically in the world. The high literacy rate of the entire nation and the results of specialized education based on it make Japan today.
Young people from overseas should also study in Japan, where high-professional education can be received regardless of gender, rediscover their potential, and grasp a glorious future.
The so-called SDGs adopted in 2015 also aim to protect the environment, eradicate poverty, and play an active role of people across genders, but education in a global position is essential to achieve these goals.
At Earth College of Foreign Languages, experienced principals and youthd staff work together to acknowledge the potential of international students’ development and to make your future brighter. Why don’t you open up your future through Earth Foreign Language Institute?

The Philosophy and Educational Goals of Earth College of Foreign Languages

Philosophy (mathematics)
Through students studying Japanese at our school, we will help students understand the differences in culture, customs, and spiritual climate between their home country and Japan, teach them to go on to graduate schools, universities, and vocational schools, and use the knowledge they have gained to realize their dreams, while at the same time fostering human resources who can become a bond between their home country and Japan.
Educational Objectives
(1) We will recruit students who are willing to improve, develop advanced Japanese language skills that can be fully studied at graduate schools, universities, and vocational schools, and aim to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
(2) Not only Japanese language education for going on to higher education, but also practical Japanese that is useful for social life in Japan.
(3) Through life in Japan, students will be taught to understand Japanese culture, customs, and way of thinking so that they can have a broad perspective and fair judgment.

Outline of the School

Name Earth Institute of Foreign Languages
Creation (number) April 2019
TEL (phone) 072-340-3275
Fax 072-340-3276
Whats App +818037166342
Mail (
Residences 591-8022 Kanaoka-cho, Kita-ku, Sakai City, Osaka 2274-4
Installation company Beat Co., Ltd.


Earth Institute of Foreign Languages
591-8022 Kanaoka-cho, Kita-ku, Sakai City, Osaka 2274-4 TEL.072-340-3275
[Nankai Electric Railway] about 15 minutes walk from Hakuho Station on the Takano Line, about 20 minutes on foot from 100 tongue bird station on the Takano Line
[Osaka Metro] Midosuji Line 20 minutes walk from Nagoya Station, Midosuji Line Shin-Kanaoka Station about 25 minutes walk

History of the

  • 2019
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    April 2017 Student Admissions

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    April 2017 Student Admissions